Persona 5 Confidant [Unfinished][No Scripts]

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Persona 5 Confidant [Unfinished][No Scripts]

Post by ChristianWS » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:07 am

You all remember the Confidant Theme for KLWP, right?

This one: ... dants/home

So, sometime ago I got bored and managed to recreate most of it's features using No Scripts, Lightning Launcher Only, Final Destination:

Of course it doesn't have any progress bar and honestly, I got quite bored after a while, but making this taught me how to use Bindings to make animations(and how LL should have Interpolation for drag)

So, nowI will make a half-assed attempt at a tutorial, I don't even remember how exactly I made it, but the gist of it:

There's "3" screens

Each "screen" has 2 stops points in each direction (i.e. two going from Screen 1 to 2, two stops points for going from screen 3 to 2)

Let's use going from screen 1 to screen 2 as an example:

Immediately to the right of Screen 1 there's a stop point (no Snapping, only in one direction, blablabla), when you reach it, there's a bunch of events for it to do, it basically sets all variables to their necessary values for screen 2(basically every animation you want to happen when you transition to Screen 2) and more importantly: It has a "Go to desktop" function, it forces the screen to go to "Screen 2"(this is important because there's no native way for when you drag the screen between the two stops points) and since it's a stop point, it makes the screen stops once it's activated

The Other stop point is a simply snapping stop point on the right border of the Second Screen, this is a fail safe mechanism, if for some reason you stopped the forced transition between screen 1 to 2, the snapping would make you go the Second Screen

If you have no fucking idea how Variables and Bindings work, basically, binding makes some information of an item into an variable, this makes animations possible, want to have something coming from right(position 740 to left(position 500)? Go to that item, set a binding for it's position, name a variable(but it In a code for Interpolation, it's on LL website, there's code for velocity and delay too), now go to whatever method you want to trigger the animation (in a screen transition it would be a stop point), set the event to "set a variable" and set that variable to 500

Now you need a way for the item to go away, good luck with that.

This is a headache, it makes sense, but barely. Pierre should copy the way Kustom let's you make everything a formula, that would make more sense than a binding submenu.

Sometime later I might redo this mess of a tutorial so that it makes more sense

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