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Users purge

Post by TrianguloY » Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:02 pm

[Note to advertisers: due to continuous bot spam about 'where is administrator I want to advertise', any post of this category (explicitly asking to advertise any non-launcher related topic) will be rejected and the user/bot banned/deleted. Contact me instead if you really want (although it will probably be rejected anyway)]

Spam is increasing each day, and due to the status of this forum something needs to be done. This is a list of actions I think should be taken. If I don't receive any reply I'll do them on the following days.

1) Disable account registration [done]: This will avoid new user bots in the server. The OneAll Social Login is not used much, I decided to leave it. If someone wants an account I can manually make it (I think), so please contact me (I won't write here the email to avoid more spam, but if you are a human you can search my nickname and you will find it easily, for example on Github). I did the deletion rather manually, to avoid deleting real users, and I think I didn't deleted a real human but if I apologies, contact me if you are still interested in having an account.

2) Remove all users who never logged in [done]: This is very easy to do (just a click) and should be relatively harmless (if you never logged in, why did you register? only bots do that). No posts were removed, these users never logged so didn't have any posts anyway.

3) Remove users without posts: This is the most dangerous of all, and probably won't do it, or check manually, but if you are a real user and want to keep you account you can reply here, just in case I finally apply this action.

Users that will be kept after these 3 (or 2) rules will either have posts or at least have logged in once. I'm sure existing bots will continue to post the spam, but once they do they will be deleted so at least it should be a finite amount (due to disabling registration).
If someone has another idea to purge the forum I'm open to suggestions.

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Re: Users purge

Post by Cueball666uk » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:11 pm

I think these steps will prevent a lot of future issues ... I do keep frequenting the forum hoping for a message or two from Pierre. No luck as of yet 😐

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