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Support work profile

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:56 am
by AlejandroJulien
For years LLX has been THE launcher for me. All these new kids on the block claiming to be "lightweight" and "customizable", while some are good, they have nothing to do versus Lightning.

But right now I've had to settle for a reasonable second option (Hyperion) because LLX does not support (yet ;)) work profiles, and my current employer has all of its apps under work profile, which is a good thing because now I only have to grant them access to my WORK data and not to the full phone (the phone I paid for, and I'm happier carrying just one phone instead of two).

Please: consider adding such support. Miss LLX already!

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:30 am
by Pierrot
It's unclear for me what I have to do to make the app support work profiles. There are a few things to check ( but from what I understand there is no specific action to take it and it should be enabled by default.
Is the app not selectable in the profile, or is there a problem with the behavior of the app while used in a profile ?

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:35 pm
by AlejandroJulien
Sorry it took me this long to write back.

The interesting part comes when you have the same app TWICE, one for the default profile and one for the work profile. Case in point: Gmail. I use my personal email from Gmail and my employeer uses corporate Gmail. When I enter Gmail with my personal account I don't have the corporate profile as an option to switch too. Instead, I have a second Gmail icon which only lets me access my work account.

Here is the app drawer in Hyperion Launcher:
SmartSelect_20190724-223642_hyperion.jpg (60.19 KiB) Viewed 3668 times
It shows the personal Gmail icon on a tab called "Todo" (Spanish for "All"). Then, when you switch to the tab "Laborales" ("Work") you'll see ANOTHER Gmail icon which takes me to my work account.
SmartSelect_20190724-223654_hyperion.jpg (60.08 KiB) Viewed 3668 times
Likewise, when you want to add a shortcut to Gmail, you get both options: personal or work. And same thing happens with Widgets: I can add a Google Calendar widget for personal or work independently. And in LLX, it should permeate everywhere an ACTION can be assigned to (swipes, double taps, folders...).

In LLX, right now, this would be my app drawer:
SmartSelect_20190724-223502_Lightning Launcher.jpg
SmartSelect_20190724-223502_Lightning Launcher.jpg (35.43 KiB) Viewed 3668 times
Just a single icon for Gmail (personal); work is nowhere to be seen.

That's the support I'm talking about. I REALLY hope it's feasible. I miss LLX.

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:54 am
by Pierrot
This makes thing clear, thanks for educating me on this. I'll look at the APIs and documentation and see how it is possible to implement this.

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:10 pm
by BenoitBarthelet
Long time user, sent emails about that precise topics a few days ago, but that was maybe the wrong channel, well.
I have the exact same issue, forced to switch launcher to use the pro apps which I'd prefer not to have to do 😉
Well thanks for the best launcher anyway!

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 6:44 am
by dew
Yes, it's a +1 from my side, too.

Work profiles are not working ATM with LL. I am using Shelter (open source app) to configure and run two copies of desired apps at the same time. LL only sees the default profile version but not the work profile version of each app.
Also no widgets from the work profile apps are selectable in LL. It's a pity.

Total Launcher (my second best launcher) does see both clones and the widgets of both profiles at the same time and you can select both. For now I am on Total Launcher again.

So please add support for work profile apps and widgets as soon as possible. Would be awesome. I prefer LL in any case. But this is a showstopper ATM.

Thanks. 👍

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:33 am
by DavidMoksha
Any update on this?

Super sad that I was just forced to add work profile and now LL cannot be used for many critical functions.

Re: Support work profile

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 5:18 pm
by F43nd1r
Pierre hasn't been online for a year now. There will be no updates without him.