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Navigation Drawer

Post by JayM » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:41 am

*What I want*

Im trying to recreate an old homescreen in Lightning (see link below) the Toolbar and dock are easy to do but that navigation drawer is so much harder than it looks. I don't mean the actual drawer contents though im talking about the way the drawer itself behaves, it follows my finger and only slides into view when I drag from the left edge of the screen. Notice how swiping/dragging in the middle of the screen is ignored anyone know how I can do this? im guessing its possible using stop points but there pretty much the only part of Lightning I don't know how to use 😔

*what I have*

I have a 2 page setup page 2 is default (home) on page 1 i have a full page panel with a web browser and a list of items inside this will eventually be the navigation drawer swiping/dragging right anywhere on page 2 brings page 1 (navigation drawer) into view obviously because desktop scrolling is enabled I could disable it but that would stop page1 (navigation drawer) from scrolling into view.

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