Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

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Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

Post by SimonSalo » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:40 pm

Hi everyone. So recently I loaded Lightening Launcher & Tasker. However I do have a background in scripting, testing and applications development.

Yes OK. There has not been an update to this Launcher in over a year and the developer no longer appears to be available.

However I have been testing and using Lightning Launcher, deeply integrated with Tasker and I can confirm this is the most stable, bug free and advanced launcher I have ever used, and I have tested every device since the Atari Portfolio - which I programmed in DOS using batch files, right through the Palm Pilots and every version of Iphone and Android on every imaginable device. I have rooted and Jail Broken everything.

The other wonderful, amazing thing about Lightning Launcher is that it probably wont need an imminent upgrade in the near future because Android development is not looking to stop the extended functionality available to us in Lightning Launcher because the Android Developers at Google don't imagine anyone is even trying to use a launcher in the amazing ways you can use Lightning Launcher.

I mean for goodness sake you can create a different desktop for Sundays or Flight mode, you can create a floating desktop which pops up over everything and you can create an amazing lock screen "overlay" - and I call it an overlay because it is not as commonly misconceived - an actual lock screen - just an overlay when you turn on the device - and it is amazing and faultless.

And the desk tops themselves are beyond amazing - your screen just forms part of a limitless desktop that can expand in all directions. You can even set a page indicator that shows you whether or not you are scrolling vertically or horizontally and you can set this beautiful little toggle, that switches between a full view of the desktop or just the current visual grid area, in 100% zoom mode. (I used this beautifully on my flight mode desk top where I have two vertical scrolling "pages". So because it is in toggle mode every second time this desktop opens you see both pages vertically and can access all widgets and icons on all pages!)

And I am using this Launcher on a current model Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, running Android Q and Lightning Launcher - and it is totally bullet proof; and in conjunction with 3rd party plugins and ADB, the possibilities and results are faultless and limitless.

You know I had a bit of a look at some of the more recent bug reports and basically they are not bugs - just user misinterpretations, user errors or inexperience or failure to identify conflicts. For example an overlay widget that places widgets on you existing lock screen will cause the Lightning Launcher selected lock desktop to fail.

There are also many conflicts and considerations you need to repeatedly experiment with when using multiple desktops and the new lock and floating destops particularily in conjunction with Tasker.

If don't have Lightning Launcher and even better with Tasker you are just pretending to customize. Nothing even comes close to the muti dimensional capabilities of Lightning Launcher and it's stability and bug free, bullet proof coding environment. And as I said before even if Pierrox doesn't come back we can get many Android versions of bug free advanced desktop customization because Google won't close access to functionality that no other launcher in existence even goes anywhere near.

Ironically we may not be so lucky with Tasker because this is a serious operational bypass, customization tool that has gained extensive popularity and may well be blocked in Android - sooner than Lightning Launcher.

So if you have the opportunity, time and patience to use Lightning - for the time being you will never go back to any other launcher ever again.

We can only hope and pray that Pierrox is OK and may one day return to keep the Lightning Launcher fresh and remove the only real bug that I could determine exists. So if you read this far - think of this bug report as the "easter egg" of my letter.

There is a problem with the default lock template desktop that loads with Lightning Launcher the first time that you install it. At least on the current version of Android on a current Samsung device. It results in many of the bug reports mentioned and a lot of frustration with users trying to figure out how to get the lock desktop working properly. The solution is simple. Just delete the default lock sample desktop as soon as you install Lightning Launcher and create a new one. Voila! virtually all your problems are solved.

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Re: Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

Post by ChimeraLove » Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:46 pm

I agree :)
I've been using LL since 2015 and it's really important for the way I use my Android devices.

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Re: Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

Post by AlejandroJulien » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:07 pm

I agree completely. Except for the one thing that has kept me off LL for the last year: no support for work profiles. Here (viewtopic.php?p=2041#p2041) I brought this to Pierrox, and he acknowledged. But now, he's dissapeared. Please, come back! Without work profile compatibility (launch apps & use widgets) I can't continue using LL. And that's too sad.

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Re: Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

Post by werksmannschaft » Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:20 am

i also completly agree.
using LL since V2.x, can't rememer exactly, and it was/is still my favorite launcher.
i have developed, sold or offered free themes for LL for a few years. unfortunately, i stopped doing so 4 years ago. Now I started again a few weeks ago and had to realize that the development of LL has been stopped for about a year. That is a pity because LL is indeed the best and most flexible launcher I know. i would like to see LL maintained and developed further.

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Re: Please come back Pierrox / The best launcher In Existence

Post by Cueball666uk » Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:55 pm

I would love to see some life breathed back into lightning, there are little things that b bug me personally which I'm sure are just the way that lightning is interacting with my version of Android. But it is THE most comprehensive and customizable launcher and could easily become the most used Android launcher if people could only realise how good things can be in the world of lightning. Hope your keeping safe Pierrox, we all hope to see you come back to lightning and do your thing all over again!

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