Badges with notification counts for selected apps

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Badges with notification counts for selected apps

Post by dew » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:24 pm

Actually this idea is stolen from Total Launcher but it makes perfectly sense to add this feature to LL as well. In fact it's something that I am currently missing in LL to really leave behind Total Launcher.

How does it work? Well basically the number of available notifications per selected app is displayed at the app icon in form of a badge when activated.
The advantage is that you can directly see the notification count for ANY app this way - not just emails or Whatsapp messages. I find this very useful.

So please please add an option to automatically display a badge at app icons that shows the number of available notifications for the corresponding app.

Of course notification access must be granted when activating the feature.
If no notifications are there for an app then no badge shall be displayed at all. But when there are notifications available for a configured app then the number of those shall be shown in a badge bubble at the icon. The number should update every time the number of available notifications changes for the corresponding app.

The apps for which this feature should be activated shall be selected in a separate dialog and for selected apps the automatic notification counter badge is shown when there are > 0 notifications available. For all other apps no such thing shall ever be shown.

Hope you like it 😊

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Re: Badges with notification counts for selected app icons

Post by F43nd1r » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:27 pm

This is already included in Multitool.
I don't think this should be added to LL core, as it requires additional permissions and a background service, which not everbody wants.

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Re: Badges with notification counts for selected apps

Post by dew » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:07 pm

Hm, sure, premissions are something - but requesting them as late as possible would still allow to offer this feature while not distracting users that don't want that permission.

Regarding Multitool I had a look at it. While Multitool can theoretically provide notification counts for each app there are some serious downsides doing it this way and not as an integrated feature in LL.

- Each badge must be created individually.
As said I have a LOT of apps. And the notification feature which is already in Total Launcher is activated for all of them besides some exceptions where I don't want to see any badges (blacklist). As this is a core feature in TL it is added to each app icon automatically. This takes away the requirement to create countless badges. They are auto-added if the app is activated for notification counting.

- Multitool creates a non-coupled simple text.
Manual work is required to make it look like a real badge. So it a plain text and this way I need to move and scale it accordingly and a cirle as backgroud which adapts to this text is also not simply done. These are all separate elements. If I exchange the app at the icon then the badge is the wrong one and I need to recreate it once again. So there is a lot of manual work included which a core feature would avoid.

Currently Multitool does not even work for me because on my Huawei phone I can't activate notification access because the app doesn't seem to have this as a permission request at all. Why this is so is currently under investigation.

Regarding badges I think that it would indeed make sense to have a central mechanism inside LL in the way TL does this. It's much easier to handle.

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